Saturday, April 28, 2012

Orlando Sentinel Deal

Man! I wish they would post this in Volusia County!!!  (although rumor has it PG has cut ties with the Orlando Sentinel which means I will be getting News Journals tomorrow!) 

This deal is still going on - without an end date posted, which means this could end at any hurry quick and subscribe to the Orlando Sentinel for a 52 week Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday subscription for ONLY $25...c'mon, that's just crazy talk at $.48 per week. 

There is a max of 2 offers per household and a max of 4 subscriptions per if you live in Orange, Osceola, Seminole or Lake county and have been looking to up your subscription count - - - don't wait, now is the time to do it!
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  1. I just got a notice for renewal for 13 weeks W-Sun for 98$ (for the maximum-4subscriptions)...but I called them and told them I saw a much better price online that included 4 Publix gift cards for 10$ a piece. They said "we don't have that deal so go for it!" woohoo! I'll take 1/2 price any day! Hopefully it works out! Have you had problems with them in the past?

  2. Yeah, I have. They tried to renew me at $ I cancelled. I buy News Journal morning of now. Unless Volusia county gets a deal like...I wont buy O.S. again...and PG decided to cut ties with Orlando Sentinel...and I look forward to that coupon insert. So, we will see...