Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saving Money at Target (and free with coupons now!!!)

This is going to be one of many "How-To" posts! If you have any questions or suggestions for posts in the future please let me know and I will make sure to get them up!!

Today I am taking a look at Target Coupons :)

A lot of people wonder how to save money with out newspaper subscriptions - well at Target they make it super easy for you!  They offer online coupons that really help decrease your out of pocket spending.  (Also, if your Publix considers Target a competitor - you can use the printables there as well).  With Target you can print 2 per computer and often times, they reset throughout the month. 

The thing to remember is that at Target you can use 1 store and 1 manufacturer coupon per item.  I will be honest - I probably struggle the most at Target in regards to coupons.  I find that the staff is not properly trained so it is important to carry their store coupon policy with you.  I promise this will save you headaches and time!

Also, Target isn't big on will see what I am talking about in two seconds :)

Free light bulbs!!!  This coupon makes for free light bulbs at Target.  The 2 pack of halogen lights range from $1.29-$1.79 - so with this coupon, you pay nothing!  Now, if this were Publix, you would have some overage for other basket items, but because it isn't, the sneaky programmed computers automatically adjust this coupon to match the price of the item you are getting if it is under the dollar value of the coupon.  It stinks, but hey...its still free.

Here is another awesome coupon.  Note it doesn't mention clearance - so that is exactly where I would head with this coupon.  More often than not you will find something $5 or under to make for a super cheap grab!  (there is also an identical Mossimo coupon - and those shirts/tanks are only $8 this week, which makes for a $5 deal!)

This coupon seems fairly generic right? Well that is the best part!  All it specifies is that you need 2 frozen chicken items..ignore the picture!  So, in this case, to get the best deal - look for the cheapest frozen chicken item...which would be burritos!  They sell the market pantry chicken burritos for $.99, so after coupon, you pay $.25 per burrito.  So print two, grab four, and pay only a BUCK!

These two coupons are good, because again, they are for the store brand - which typically means, they are inexpensive to begin with.  Don't like Target brand? Use them at Publix...they will take competitor store brand coupons on Publix brand items!

And lastly this is again VAGUE.  To me a beauty tool could be nail files, clippers, tweezers, the list goes on and on.  But what's great is that the nail files start at $1.19 and the clippers at $1.27.  So, yes that means FREE.  The same thing here though as with the light bulbs, the coupon will be auto adjusted to whatever price of the item you are purchasing, if it is less than the value of the coupon.

So as you can can save money without the newspaper! Here I showed you how to get cheap clothes, cheap to free personal items, chicken for pennies, and free light bulbs and revlon beauty tools!  I cant wait to see what good coupons come out next at Target!

(please watch - sometimes coupons from the Target site will print as manufacturers...which means these can be used anywhere and in conjunction with store coupons!!)

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