Monday, April 30, 2012

Pepsi Co Booklet

Has anyone had a chance to look at the awesome deals that can be had with the Pepsi Co coupon booklet from the paper this weekend?  Usually they are low value and you have to buy 3 of something to get a quarter off - - - well not this go around! 

Here is what I noticed - did I miss anything?

Pepsi Next 2L $1.75  (Assorted Pepsi 2 L, 3/$4 in upcoming ad)
-$1 Pepsi Next 2L in Yellow Advantage Buy flyer or on tear pads near product (exp 5/18)
-$0.55/1 Pepsi Next 2L – “Moment to Save” 4/29 insert (exp 5/19)
As low as FREE if included in the upcoming sale!
Land O Lakes Half & Half 1q $2.59
-$1/1 Land o Lake Fat-Free or Traditional Half & Half Quart in Yellow Advantage Buy flyer (exp 5/18)
-$1/2 Land O Lakes® Half & Half products 
As low as $1.09 per carton!
Snapple 64oz 2/$5
-$1.50/2  Snapple Tea or Juice Drinks “Spring Gatherings” (exp 5/26)
$1.75 per item after coupon 

Mott’s Snack & Go Pouch $2.79
-$1/1 Mott’s Snack & Go Pouch “Spring Gatherings”
Only $1.79 after coupon

Bagel Bites 9ct 2/$4
$1/1 Bagel Bites “Spring Gathering”(exp 5/26)
Only $1 after coupon! 
Please keep in mind - I won't live off of bagel bites and pepsi next - but at that price I will definitely add it to my stock pile!
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