Wednesday, May 9, 2012

20% off of Dyson Vacuums at Lowes

So there are three things that I have always wanted...a KitchenAid stand mixer, a Dyson, and a Louis Vuitton.  Well, I got the KitchenAid mixer for Christmas last year - and I just might have to cross the Dyson off of my list now...

Lowe's is offering 20% off select Dyson models plus you can pick up a 10% off coupon from the post office, plus use your Lowe's card to get interest free for 6 months, PLUS if you have managed to wrangle up any of those Lowe's gift cards from Publix - this really could be one sweet deal.

Now, I know ideally a vacuum doesn't scream Mother's Day - but this is the Cadillac of Vacuums and I would be super excited if this baby had a bow on it on Sunday morning...(hint hint hint).
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