Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shopping Success! (sort of)

I made it to the store...and that is a success in itself!  I managed to get there right around 6:15 which in other words is balls to the wall - crazy busy time...but oh well, it was Wednesday and I needed to go! I ended up getting my inserts today from a friend, but I am still waiting on my ordered coupons (40 dog food, 20 razors).  So off I went...the hubs got off around 7 and came and met me up there to hang out with Madi in the car while I checked out - they bonded over LaLaLoopsy...

So, being the last day of the sale I expected them to be wiped out and they pretty much were. However I grabbed a few things I needed and did get my rain checks for the Lowe's cards (totally out - I want 6 they only gave me 4 - dumb), dog food, and razors. Also I found $1/1 Manufacturer Pepsi Next 2 liter coupons - - - woohoo- - - that will make me money tomorrow when combined with the store coupon and the sales price of $1.25.  (so keep an eye out so you can make money too!)

***A few notes: 1. my store takes expired competitor and store coupons up to 2 weeks. 2. my store does not make me break up my order to use multiple $/$$ coupons. 

Here is what I got...any guesses at my total - keep reading to find out:

Purina Beneful Dog food x 14(only 2 shown) = -$17.57 (14 of each $2 man and $2 comp)
Milk = $3.29
Nestle Brisk x 3 = $5 (three $2 publix)
Salad x 2 = $4
Deli Cheese = $3.77
Deli Meat = $10.19
Flat out wraps x 2 = $6.38
Lady Speedstick x 6 = 0 (three free wyb kotex, 3 BOGO)
Kotex x 3 = -$1.53 (three $1 man, three $1 publix)
carefree x 15 = -$10.65
Shredded cheese = 2.5
Naturally Fresh Dressing x 2 = $5
Lawrys Marinades x 20 = $11.30 (twenty $1 manu)
Goldfish Bread = $2.29 (one $1 peelie)
Sirloin = $9.43
Baked Potatos = $2.99
Huggies x 5= $34.95 (five $2 tq and five $2 man)
Publix baby wash x 3 = 0 (free wyb huggies)
Publix baby shampoo x 2 = 0 (free wyb huggies)

My total before coupons was $283, I used 3 $4 off of $25 Dollar General coupons and 6 $5 off of $30 Publix Spring Cleaning coupons.  I still have 40 of the dog food coupons coming and 20 razor coupons coming - so I am excited about that!  Even though I got a lot, I will probably go back Friday because of Dollar General released another $5/25 good for Friday only. So drum roll please.....

My total after taxes was right around $15 and I saved $329.54.  So given that my monthly budget for everything is right around $150 I think I am right on track!

Have you had any good trips lately?? Let me know!
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  1. Awesome job!! Which Publix are you going to that takes Dollar General? Were you able to grab the $1 off Publix coupon for Lawrys in the booklet?

    1. The one on S. Woodland in Deland. And no...I can't find that booklet yet!!!

  2. I'm glad you told me about the Lowe's cards being out! I was going today to get one.
    You are insanely awesome!!!

  3. i wish my publix took all those good competitors. The best I can get is being able to use WAGS catalinas as long as they say manufacturer coupon.

  4. I would definitely talk to corporate, if they are with in a 5 mile radius - there should be no discussion! I am sorry they dont take those- I know how frustrating it is. I drive 25 minutes to shop at this store because how coupon friendly they are.