Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ordering Coupons - Acquiring Rain Checks

So, I know I mentioned ordering coupons the other day because there were some I didn't get in my area - and I wanted a lot more than what I had. So rather than buy 40 papers which would have cost me upwards of $60.  I ordered coupons.  I love this option, however the only down fall is you have to worry about legitimacy and shipping times.  I have only received 1 set of the 5 different types of coupons I ordered, so - that is when rain checks come in. 

I will go today and get rain checks on everything that I planned on getting with my coupons - so basically - I am creating my own sale!

I have to get rain checks on the dog food, razors, Lawry's, and a few other things I think. But because I can get these rain checks it basically extends my sale.  I haven't been to the store in about 3 weeks and it is killing me because I really need to go - but I have NO DESIRE to pay full price, so I am going to see if I can stretch it 1 more day longer...

I promise once I do go shopping - I will have a full show and tell of all my goodies!

(p.s. later up today will be part 1 in a series of posts I have been working on...DON'T BUY - DIY!)
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